HPL#19 - Achieving the Impossible: How a mindset in motion drives you to your biggest life goals with Sarah Arnold Hall

We all have big achievements waiting for us that often feel impossible to reach. Wouldn't you want to feel as if you are living a life where your daily actions are truly moving you closer to those big life goals?

In HPL#19 high performance coach Sarah Arnold Hall shares her plan for building a life that is aimed at achieving your impossible goals.

*Sarah is living an incredible life inspired by the legacy of her father Rob, who achieved the 'impossible' of completing the Seven Summits challenge, which includes climbing to the summit of Mount Everest. From his story she realised the power of reaching a series of smaller goals en route to chasing the massive ones we often fear.

Sarah is based in Wellington, New Zealand and has built a coaching business that stretches across the globe. In our conversation we dig into a practical plan that will help you to:

1. Make your goals massive and inspiring,

2. Create the most important behaviours that will drive you on the right course,

3. Use your mindset as a tool to motivate your behaviour, and

4. Build a system of accountability that will keep you on track.


*DISCLAIMER: In my introduction I referred to Sarah being a qualified Psychologist - this is not 100% accurate. Although she studied psychology, she didn't complete her professional qualification as she changed direction to become a high performance coach. This was an error on my part!

Show notes:

Sarah's website

Sarah's Instagram Post about becoming an astronaut

Clarens, Free State, South Africa

Seven Summits challenge

Grant Cardone

Mt. Kilimanjaro

Rob Hall



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